Whether you’re saving for the short term or investing for the long term we’ll outline what’s available and what you need to think about before recommending the most suitable option or options for you.

Savings are generally for times when you may need to get at your money more quickly or you don’t wish to accept any risk to your capital. We can help you select suitable savings accounts depending on your circumstances and objectives.

Savings are different from investments, which are really for the longer term.

When investing, you take more risk to increase your chances of getting higher returns on your money, especially over the longer term (usually ten years or more).

We will discuss your attitude to investment risk, diversification, how to invest for different objectives and targets, asset allocation, and the different tax wrappers available to you before making any recommendations about a suitable investment strategy.

In most instances we suggest clients have a combination of savings and investments to address different goals and time horizons